Glass Fiber Extraction Thimble

Hawach glass fiber extraction thimble, made of borosilicate glass fibers, is a quite common tool used laboratories. Just like all the other kinds of extraction thimbles, it could also be used with most Soxhlet extraction devices in the market, and for other extraction, experiments required higher performance and compatibility of the thimble as well.


There are basically two types of glass fiber extraction thimble, including standard ones and high-purity ones. The standard glass thimble, it contains two types that can meet the different requirements of the customers – the thimble made of borosilicate glass fiber with an inorganic binder and the one free from any binders. The high-purity glass thimble, however, is only made of high-quality borosilicate glass fiber totally with no binder, which is qualified with higher mechanical strength and compatibility. Both types provide various sizes for the clients to match the different extraction equipment.


Except for the Soxhlet extraction, the glass fiber extraction thimble is mainly used in pollution monitoring technology, such as monitoring of chimney exhaust and gas emissions. Besides, it is also available for the analysis of pesticide residues and solid waste grease. In the food industry, it is also applied for fat determination.