Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles Casing Use Conditions

Glass fiber extraction thimbles have been widely used since it was launched in 1974, which are highly efficient filters for collecting dust, acid mist, beryllium, and other harmful substances.

Because of glass fiber extraction thimbles, smoke extraction has been greatly improved.

Conditions of use for glass fiber extraction thimbles
According to reports, glass fiber is heated to above 200 ℃ and then cooled, whose strength would start falling constantly. Fiber is heated to 510 °C, and then cooled, intensity only keeps 35% of the original. Fiber can maintain high strength when heated, but after cooling, its strength is greatly reduced.

During the loading and unloading of the glass fiber extraction thimbles, they will not be subjected to the tearing force, shear, etc., and should not be broken. If gaps, cracks, and uneven thickness are found, they cannot be used, so as not to be broken by airflow and cause sampling failure.

Features of glass fiber extraction thimbles
1. High-purity borosilicate glass fibers;
2. Temperatures up to 500°C (932°F);
3. Low weight loss, high efficiency, and good strength.