Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

A glass fiber extraction thimble, made of superfine glass wool with special technology, is a highly efficient filtering device for collecting smoke and dust, acid mist, beryllium substitute, and other harmful substances.

Hawach glass fiber extraction thimbles have been well received by customers for their superior quality and purity. It is widely used in Soxhlet extractors and is a safe, convenient, and effective method for solid and semi-solid material extraction. Soxhlet extraction is a widely used technique for the analysis of lipids or pesticides in food and soil materials, as well as other solid-liquid extraction techniques.

Technical specifications of glass fiber extraction thimbles

Tolerance: bear under 600 °C;
Resistance: 14-20mmhg;
Efficiency: 99.9999%;
Weightlessness: 0.2%.
It is made of 100% borosilicate fiberglass
Stable weight
High chemical compatibility

Application of glass fiber extraction thimbles

High-temperature emission control
Gas pre-filtration
Dust weight analysis in gas
Dust removal cartridge, use the parameters set by the controller to give a signal to the solenoid valve, instantly open and close the solenoid valve diaphragm so that the high-pressure gas into the spray pipe, and then using the rapid expansion of the gas shakes off the dust on the surface of the filter cartridge.

Conditions of using glass fiber extraction thimbles

1. During loading and unloading, it is not subject to tearing force, shear, and other forces, so as to prevent it from breaking.
2. If gaps, cracks, or uneven thickness are found, they shall not be used to avoid being broken by airflow and thus causing sampling failure.
3. Use within the specified temperature range to ensure that the glass fiber extraction thimble works under sufficient strength.