Glass Fiber Filter Paper-GF/C

Hawach Scientific is a professional manufacturer of filter paper, right now we have Glass Fiber Filter paper GF/C which can replace Whatman GF/C, the quality is equivalent and the price is very competitive.

For our GF/C filter paper without binder, we have 0.7um and 1.2um to choose from, the size from 13mm to 250mm, accept customized sizes and OEM.

In the past our packing is 100pcs/pk for 25mm, right now we have new packing and the amount for one pack is 50pcs/pk, here is the packing photo for the old type and new type:

Key Features:

  1. Composition: GF/C filter paper is made from chemically inert and heat-resistant borosilicate glass fibers. This composition makes it suitable for a wide range of chemical and thermal applications.
  2. Pore Size: It has a fine and consistent pore structure, which allows for efficient filtration while retaining fine particles and precipitates.
  3. Retention Capacity: GF/C filter paper has excellent particle retention capacity, making it suitable for applications involving the filtration of suspended solids, precipitates, or biological samples.
  4. Flow Rate: Despite its high retention capacity, GF/C filter paper offers a relatively fast flow rate, allowing for rapid filtration.
  5. Temperature Resistance: It can withstand temperatures up to 500°C, making it suitable for both hot and cold filtration processes.
  6. Chemical Compatibility: GF/C filter paper is compatible with a wide range of solvents and chemicals, including strong acids and bases, which makes it versatile for various applications.
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  1. Environmental Analysis: GF/C filter paper is often used in environmental monitoring and water quality analysis to filter suspended particles, sediments, and pollutants from water and air samples.
  2. Microbiological Analysis: It’s used in microbiology labs for the filtration of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms from liquid samples.
  3. Air Monitoring: In air quality testing, GF/C filter paper is used in air samplers to trap airborne particles for subsequent analysis.
  4. Solid Sample Preparation: It’s suitable for the filtration of solid samples, such as soil, to separate fine particles for further analysis.
  5. Protein and Nucleic Acid Filtration: GF/C filter paper is used for protein and nucleic acid purification processes, where the high retention capacity is beneficial.
  6. Food and Beverage Analysis: It’s applied in the food and beverage industry for the filtration of particulates and microorganisms in liquid and solid samples.
  7. Liquid Scintillation: GF/C filter paper is used in liquid scintillation counting to absorb liquid scintillation cocktail and retain radioactive particles for radiation measurement.
  8. Chemical Analysis: It’s used for general laboratory filtration purposes when fine particle retention is required in chemical analysis and sample preparation.
  9. Liquid Scintillation Counting:
    • GF/C filter paper is often used in liquid scintillation counting applications, where samples are absorbed onto the filter for radioactivity measurement.
  10. Gravimetric Analysis:
    • Due to its high retention capacity, GF/C filter paper is suitable for gravimetric analysis, allowing the quantification of particulate matter in a sample.
  11. Suspended Solids Testing:
    • It is commonly employed in environmental testing and water quality analysis for the determination of suspended solids in liquid samples.
  12. Air Quality Monitoring:
    • GF/C filter paper is used in air sampling and particulate matter analysis to assess air quality and monitor airborne particles.
  13. Biochemical and Microbiological Applications:
    • GF/C filter paper finds applications in various biochemical and microbiological processes, such as cell harvesting and clarification of microbial cultures.
  14. Protein and Nucleic Acid Purification:
    • GF/C filter paper can be used in protein and nucleic acid purification processes due to its fine particle retention capabilities.
  15. Sample Filtration in HPLC:
    • In some cases, GF/C filter paper may be used for sample filtration in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications.

When using GF/C filter paper, it’s essential to ensure proper filtration techniques, including correct folding and placement in a filtration apparatus, to maximize its efficiency. Additionally, proper disposal of used filter papers containing hazardous materials is crucial to maintain safety in the laboratory.

Glass fiber filter paper GF/C is a type of filter paper commonly used in laboratory applications, particularly in analytical and environmental chemistry. It’s known for its high retention capacity, fast flow rate, and durability. Here are some key features and applications of GF/C filter paper:

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