Hawach Scientific Qualitative Filter Paper

Hawach Scientific product quality in strict accordance with ISO9001:2000 quality system certification procedures, and from now on we have exported to more than 120 countries.
Overview of qualitative filter paper, analysis laboratory commonly used filter paper as a filter medium, so that the solution and solid separation.
Qualitative filter paper generally has a large amount of residual ash, which is only used for general qualitative analysis and filtration of precipitation or suspended substances in solution, not for quality analysis.
The types and specifications of qualitative filter paper are basically the same as those of quantitative analysis filter paper, which means fast, medium and slow speed. Instead, the characters of fast, medium and slow speed are printed. However, when the filter paper is not used for quantitative and qualitative analysis on the filter paper box, it should be noted that:
(1) The general use of natural filtration, the use of filter paper and the ability to trap solid particles, so that the liquid and solid separation;
(2) As a result of the filter paper mechanical strength and toughness are less as far as possible with the method of filtration, such as must accelerate the filtration speed, in order to prevent filter failure, in order to prevent filtering through the air pump filtration, according to the size of the suction in the funnel stack 2 ~ 3 layers of filter paper, in the vacuum filtration, in the leakage. At first, pad a layer of dense press cloth, and then put filter paper to filter;
(3) Filter paper had better not filter hot concentrated sulfuric acid or nitric acid solution.
Products classify
1. Standard Grades Qualitative Filter Paper
BIO-1 , Particle Retention 11um , Ash Content 0.1% , 84g/m2
BIO-2 , Particle Retention 8um , Ash Content 0.1% , 84g/m2
BIO-4 , Particle Retention 20um , Ash Content 0.1% , 84g/m2
BIO-5 , Particle Retention 2.5um , Ash Content 0.1% , 84g/m2
BIO-6, Particle Retention 3um , Ash Content 0.1% , 84g/m2
2. Wet Strengthened Grades
These extremely strong filter papers have a high wet strength due to the addition of a small quantity of chemically stable resin.
BIO-91 ,Separating Property PbSO4 , Filtration Seconds 35-70 , pore size 10um ,Basis Weight 84 g/m2 ,Ash Content 0.13%.
BIO-113 ,Separating Property Fe(OH)3 , Filtration Seconds 35 , pore size 30um ,Basis Weight 64 g/m2 ,Ash Content 0.13%.
Specification :
Diameter available : 70/90/110/125/150/180mm.
Sheet : 600×600,650×650,800×800,850×850,900x900mm.