Guide to Choose Hawach Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

The choice of glass fiber extraction thimbles mainly depends on these aspects:
1. The first is the filter material. The most important filter for dust extraction thimbles is the filter material. The domestic 240 g polyester long fiber filter material is one of the most widely used filter materials in the dust removal industry. The filter material must be used with caution, of course, it cannot be used. 220 grams or 200 grams instead, this will shorten the life of the extraction thimbles. The strap is used to fix the paper fold and the paper fold is preferably made of a thicker material of pure cotton. The adhesive of the fixed strap cannot be bonded with ordinary hot melt adhesive, otherwise, your extraction thimbles will be like a balloon. The same was blown up.
2. In addition to this you must also understand the properties of dust: ordinary dust, ultra-fine dust, wet dust, or flammable and explosive dust, I decided to determine the number of folds or effective filtration area of your extraction thimbles. This will determine whether the processing air volume of the extraction thimbles matches the air volume handled by the entire dust collector. Otherwise, the dust removal effect of the dust collector is not good or the life of the extraction thimbles is short.
3. Followed by the end cap and the support net, the end cap should be made of a 0.7-0.8 mm thick high-quality sheet to increase the overall strength of the extraction thimbles. The support net can’t be sloppy. You should also choose a 0.8 mm thick diamond-shaped support net to ensure that the extraction thimbles will not be sucked during backflushing.
4. Then the adhesive glue, the glue of the dust extraction thimbles must choose high-quality special adhesive glue, and the amount of glue must be sufficient, it is different from the air filter of the car. The strength requirement is not too high, and the dust extraction thimbles In the work, there will be 6 kg of pulse cleaning pressure running through the extraction thimbles, so the adhesive is not good or the amount of glue is too small. The end cap of the extraction thimbles is easy to fall off.
5. The last is the sealing strip and packaging, the sealing strip is also very critical, the bad sealing strip will cause the sealing between the extraction thimbles and the flower board is not strict, so the dust will directly leak out without the extraction thimbles. Dust extraction thimbles are generally large in size, and if the package is not secure, the extraction thimbles will be damaged during transportation.