How to Choose Filter Paper?

In general, filter paper can be divided into two types, one is qualitative, one is quantitative. Qualitative filter paper generally refers to the generation of cotton fiber on its surface after filtration, which is generally only suitable for qualitative analysis.

While the quantitative filter paper is generally for the non-ash filter paper, in the process of use must go through a special processing program, to a certain extent, it can effectively resist some chemical reactions, so the generated impurities on its surface will be much less, it is generally used in quantitative analysis.

In addition to the application of filter paper in chemical experiments, there are also applications of filter paper in our daily life. For example, the coffee filter paper is one of the most widely used. In general, this filter paper has high softness, while in industry, the filter paper is generally used to absorb suspended particles in the air.

Basic properties of filter paper
The selection of suitable filter paper must be determined by the following four factors. First, the hardness. Filter paper will be wetted during filtration. The second is its filtration efficiency, which is mainly determined by the tightness of the seepage holes on the filter paper and the size of the holes. Then there is the capacity, which is mainly determined by the density of the holes through which water seeps. The denser the holes, the higher the capacity. Finally, applicability, some filter paper production steps are very special, so the application must pay attention to it.

Filter paper selection factor
In the selection of filter paper should consider the following points:
1. Effective area is large, that is, filter paper use area is large, dust capacity is large, resistance is small, service life is long, of course, the cost is also increased accordingly.

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2. The thinner the fiber diameter, the better the interception effect and the higher the filtration efficiency.
3. The binder content in the filter material binder content is high, the paper’s tensile strength is high, the filtration efficiency is high, the shedding phenomenon is less, the filter material background dust is small, good resistance, but the corresponding increase in resistance.

Quality guarantee
All HAWACH filter papers are produced with high-purity α-cellulose and cotton fiber, with low ash content, which is low background value and low impurity dissolution rate; HAWACH adopts ISO9001 management system and has strict quality control links, which ensures high consistency of filter paper between batches and different batches. What’s more, its quality is proved by certification of safety test reports on heavy metal ions, etc. with CE certification and GTS third parties.

Other advantages
1. A wide range of product, including qualitative and quantitative filter papers; also, qualitative filter paper includes standard grade and wet strength grade; quantitative include ashless grade, hardened low ash grade, etc., which is convenient for customers with different needs;
2. Different product diameters:55, 70, 90, 110, 125, 150, 180, 185, 240, 270, 300mm, easy to choose for different customers;
3. Wet strength grade qualitative filter paper shows superior compressive performance under high pressure and vacuum test conditions and not easy to break.

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