How to Choose the Right Filter Papers?

As a mechanical-physical operation, the scientists in the lab use filtering paper to separate solids from fluids. solids in the fluid which are bigger than the pole of the filter media, can stay on and within the surface of the filter media, by interposing a porous media through which only the fluid can pass.

You can find filter papers in a variety of different options available around. It is very important that you choose the right type for your filtration. In other words, the success of filtration in the lab depends on your choice of filter paper, with the consideration of combing two important features: retention and flow rate.

Hawach provides filter papers in the range of qualitative and quantitative types to meet all of your particular needs for your application. And all of Hawach filter paper is made from pure cotton linters with The ash content mainly less than 0.006%.

We guarantee that all the Hawach filter paper are always produced under strict controlled manufacturing conditions to assure the stable high quality.