How to Select the Right Filter Paper

Hawach Scientific co., LTD. is a production of filter paper professional manufacturers. Professional production of qualitative filter paper, PH test paper, and quantitative filter paper. Hawach has advanced production technology and perfect testing equipment. Hawach provides Qualitative 20 Micron Filter Paper Grade: BIO-4, Qualitative Chromatography Filter Paper Grade: BIO-5, Quantitative Ashless Filter Paper Grade: BIO-41, Quantitative Cellulose Filter Paper Grade: BIO-44, and other filter papers for your choice.

Filter paper is a kind of paper with good filtration performance, loose paper, and strong absorption of liquid. It is ideal for separating small substances in liquid or air. It is used in scientific laboratories to remove solids from liquids. Filter paper is commonly used in analytical laboratories as a filter medium to separate the solution from the solid.

There are three types of filter paper: quantitative analysis filter paper, qualitative analysis filter paper, and tomographic qualitative analysis filter paper. Quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper these two concepts are cellulose filter paper, not applicable to other types of filter paper such as glass microfiber filter paper. Qualitative filter paper performs well in qualitative chemical analysis and corresponding filtration separation.

Qualitative filter paper is generally used to filter the solution, to do chloride, sulfate, and other qualitative tests without the need to calculate the value; Quantitative filter paper is used for precise calculation of the value of the filtration, such as determination of residue, insoluble matter, etc., general quantitative filter paper filtration, but also need to enter the high-temperature furnace for processing.

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Highlights of Filter Paper

Filter paper provided by Hawach is of the finest retention and lowest ash content, and it is designed for sample preparation for instrumental analysis and gravimetric analysis. All filter paper is made of natural wooden fiber, interfering with the no-bleach process during manufacturing. Hawach supplies you with the best competitive prices as we the superior quality products because all filter paper complies with the ISO9001 Quality Management System and is based on a reliable reputation. The delicately designed filter paper will greatly save time, save cost and improve efficiency.

Package and Shipping

All filter papers are packed in the hard carton box for the normal package to keep freight costs as lower as possible and shipped as soon as possible after payment. The filter paper should store at room temperature in a dry environment, which is beneficial to prolong the service life and maintain normal performance. Shelf life is commonly three years under a good storage situation. Hawach can design a diverse type of filter paper according to the customer’s requirement, and provide competitive factory prices with good quality.

How to select the right filter paper?

The filter paper selection should mainly consider the following three points:
1. Effective area, namely filter paper use area is big, dust capacity is big, resistance is small, and the service life is long, of course, the cost also increases accordingly.
2. The smaller the fiber diameter, the better the interception effect and the higher the filtration efficiency.
3. The content of the binder in the filter material content of binder, the high tensile strength of the paper, high filtration efficiency, less hair phenomenon, and filter material background dust small, good resistance, but the corresponding increase in resistance.

Filter Paper Selection Factor

A. Filter paper selection factor

1. The effective area is large, that is, the filtering use area is large, Dust absorption capacity, small resistance, long service life, and of course the cost is correspondingly increased.
2. The thinner the fiber diameter. The better the interception effect, the higher the filtering efficiency.
3. Filter material binder content is high, the high tensile strength of the paper, high filtration efficiency, less hair loss, filter material background dust, and good resistance, but the corresponding increase in resistance

B. The ways to use filter paper
1. Using filter paper in the laboratory together with the filter funnel and the Buchner funnel. The filter paper needs to be folded into a proper shape before using it.
2. The usual folding method is to fold the filter paper into a flower shape. The higher the folding degree of filter paper is, the larger the surface area can be provided, and the better the filtering effect is. However, excessive folding cannot lead to the rupture of filter paper. Place the drained glass rod on the multi-layer filter paper and apply even force to avoid damage to the filter paper.

C. Filter paper operation process

1. Fold the filter paper in half and fold it twice in succession to form a 90-degree central Angle.
2. Open one side of the stacked filter paper, and then open the other side to form a funnel.
3. Load the funnel filter paper into the funnel. The filter paper is lower than the funnel side, and some water is poured into the funnel mouth, making the wet filter paper stick to the inner wall of the funnel, and the remaining water is poured out for use.

D. Is the filter paper an instrument?

In general, filter paper is a chemical product, not an instrument. Filter paper is a filter tool commonly found in chemical laboratories. The common shape is round and is made of cotton fiber. In analytical chemistry applications, the residue collected on the filter paper after the inorganic compound has been separated by filtration can be used to calculate the rate of wastage during the experiment.

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