Important Technical Parameters of Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

Hawach will introduce cellulose extraction thimble from six technical parameters: material, temperature and forming time, DOP retention, size selection, porosity, and fitting accuracy.

The consistency of component content of extraction thimbles made of different materials and those made of the same material has a great influence on the determination accuracy of various detection and analysis.

Cellulose extraction thimbles consist of high-grade alpha cellulose/seamless noble cellulose and linters of cotton without any binding elements(60% high-clean poplar fiber +40% refined cotton fiber).

●Temperature and forming time
The relevant temperature parameters and forming the time of the cellulose extraction thimbles can reflect the tolerable working temperature to a certain extent and the requirements of special working conditions. Relevant parameters are as follows:
The heating temperature: 75℃;
The forming temperature: 10℃;
The forming time: 1 hour;
The maximum temperature is 100℃;

●DOP Retention
The DOP Retention is a reflex of retention ability. The DOP Retention(% @0.3) of cellulose extraction thimbles is 99.8% .

● Size selection
As shown in the figure below, ID represents the inner diameter of the filter cartridge, H represents the height of the cellulose extraction thimbles, and wall thickness reaches the thickness of single-sided thimbles.



●Porosity: Consistent high porosity ensures fast flow through.

●Fitting accuracy: High fitting accuracy for all available extraction systems.