Introduction to Extraction Thimbles

1. Classification of extraction thimbles

The extraction thimble, as its name implies, is a cylindrical element used for extracting. According to the material, it can be divided into three categories: cellulose exaction thimbles, glass fiber exaction thimbles, and quartz fiber exaction thimbles. As quartz fiber exaction thimbles cannot be produced in China at present, our company is mainly the first two products. In addition, the material and function of the filter cartridge and filter paper are similar.

2. Application of the difference between extraction thimbles

Cellulose exaction thimbles

The filter cartridge is suitable for general cable extraction. It is mainly used for indoor dust control and extraction of indoor toxic substances (terephthalic acid).

Glass fiber exaction thimbles

Glass fiber filter cartridge is suitable for Soxhlet extraction when cellulose filter cartridge temperature is higher than 120 C and strong acid is not available for trial use.

In addition, there are fixed pollution sources of flue gas, smoke, and dust detection, such as cadmium, nickel, tin, fluoride, and so on, as well as fixed pollution sources of waste gas benzo ratio, lead, asphalt smoke, sulfuric acid fog, environmental air and waste gas arsenic, dioxins and so on.