Introduction of Quantitative Filter Paper

Knowledge of Quantitative Filter Paper
Quantitative filter paper is often used to precise quantitative analysis because the residual ash content after burning is very little and the impact for analysis result is small. Generally speaking, our quantitative filter paper includes 5 grades, that is, BIO-40, BIO-41, BIO-42, BIO-43, and BIO-44. And intense strict quality control standards guarantees high quality and excellent performance.

Different Performance of Quantitative Filter Paper
Quantitative Filter Paper Grade: BIO-40,BIO-41, BIO-42, BIO-43, and BIO-44 are all of the smooth appearance, high purity, low ashless and the full range of diameter. Currently, the quantitative filter paper is divided into three categories: fast, medium and slow. Thereinto, the sequence of filtration speed from fast to slow is BIO-41, BIO-43, BIO-40, BIO-42, BIO-44, particle retention from large to small is BIO-41, BIO-43, BIO-40, BIO-40 and BIO-42, ash content (%) are all < 0.008.

Storage Condition of Quantitative Filter Paper
The chemical property of this product is stable and the transportation conditions are not strict. The product only needs to be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place, and avoid glare, the strong acid, strong alkali contact.