Introduction to Wet Strengthened Qualitative Filter Paper

Hawach wet strengthened qualitative filter paper has different specifications for different samples with specific features. With its special characteristics, it is widely used in the laboratories for filtration of certain samples.


The wet strengthened qualitative filter paper belongs to the qualitative filter paper but the one with high wet strength. The surface of it is either smooth or wrinkled. There are two or three different flow rates provided for selection. Unlike all the other kinds of filter papers, it contains a very small amount of chemically stable resin, which would not bring any obvious impurities into the sample solutions.


The wet strengthened qualitative filter paper could ensure an excellent filtration performance. However, it is not supposed to be used for Kjeldahl nitrogen determination, due to the nitrogen content included in its resin. Since it is strongly resisted to high humidity, the filter paper could be applied for the filtration of acidic and alkaline solutions. What’s more, considering its high mechanical strength under the wet environment, it can be used for the operations that need to rinse the residue with spatula or water on the filter papers applied.

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