Is the Filter Paper an Instrument?

In general, Filter paper is typically not considered an instrument on its own. Instead, it is a type of laboratory consumable that is commonly used in scientific experiments to separate solids from liquids or gases. Filter paper is a kind of filter tool commonly used in chemical laboratories. Filter paper is a thin, porous material that is used to separate solids from liquids or gases by passing the mixture through the paper. The common shape is round, mostly made of cotton fiber. Filter paper can be divided into qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper. In analytical chemistry applications, the residue collected on the filter paper after the separation of the inorganic compound by filtration can be used to calculate the rate of wastage during the experiment. It is often used in chemistry, biology, and other sciences to isolate, purify, or analyze substances. While filter paper plays an important role in many laboratory procedures, it is not a device or tool that measures or detects physical quantities, which is the primary function of an instrument.

However, filter paper can be used in conjunction with other instruments, such as a vacuum filtration apparatus or a Buchner funnel, to perform filtration procedures. In this context, the combination of filter paper and the other apparatus could be considered an instrument for filtration.

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How to Purchase Filter Paper?

Hawach Scientific filter papers are all made of pure cotton linters and have an ash content of less than 0.006%, the high alpha cellulose is produced under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions to assure lot-to-lot quality year after year. The quality is equivalent to Whatman and the price is very competitive.
When you want to purchase filter paper, firstly you should know if it is Qualitative filter paper or Quantitative filter paper.
Secondly, you should know what’s the diameter of your filter paper such as 70mm, 90mm, 110mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm and etc. Right now for Qualitative filter paper, the biggest diameter is 750mm, Quantity filter paper the biggest diameter is 300mm.

Thirdly, you should know your filtration speed, we have FAST(20-25um), SLOW(2.5um-3um), and MEDIUM(8-11um), after you confirm the filtration speed, then you just need to let us know your quantity.

Last, we also can accept OEM products, customized size, and small trial order, after all, our sales policy are very flexible, welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the filter paper.

Hawach provides Qualitative 20 Micron Filter Paper Grade: BIO-4, Quantitative Laboratory Filter Paper Grade: BIO-42, Wet Strengthened Chemistry Filter Paper Grade: BIO-113, Qualitative Filter Paper Disc Grade: BIO-1, Qualitative Filter Paper Biology Grade: BIO-6 and other filter papers for your choice.