Laboratory Sheet Filter Paper

Hawach Scientific specialized in filtration products for more than decades years. All our filter papers are made from the imported membrane in the cleanroom. Before release to market, the products are consigned to the QC department for random inspection.

In analytical chemistry, the residue collected on the filter paper after the inorganic compounds are filtered out of the sediment can be used to calculate the rate of loss during the experiment. Qualitative filter paper produces more cotton fiber after filtration, so it is only suitable for qualitative analysis; Quantitative filter paper, especially the ash-free filter paper, can resist chemical reaction effectively after special treatment, so the impurities generated are less, which can be used for quantitative analysis.

Method of use
In the experiment, the filter paper is mostly used together with filter funnel and breus funnel. Before use, the filter paper should be folded into a proper shape. A common folding method is to fold the filter paper into a flower-like shape. The higher the folding degree of filter paper is, the higher the surface area can be provided and the better the filtering effect is.

However, care should be taken not to break the filter paper due to excessive folding. Place the drain glass rod on the multi-layer filter paper with even force to avoid damage to the filter paper.

Wet Strengthened Grade Filter Paper
Science Filter Papers
Qualitative Filter Papers

Hawach Technical Data

Qualitative Filter Paper Optional size
BIO-101 Fast (20-25um ), 41x45cm/ 60x60cm/90x90cm
BIO-102 Medium (8-11um), 60x60cm/65x65cm/80x80cm/85x85cm/90x90cm
BIO-103 Slow (2.5um),41x45cm/ 60x60cm

Quantitative Filter Paper Optional size
BIO-201 Fast ,60x60cm
BIO-202 Medium ,60x60cm
BIO-203 Slow ,60x60cm