Learn About Hawach Extraction Thimbles

As a safe convenient and efficient method of solvent extraction of solids and semi-solids, the extraction thimbles are widely used in Soxhlet extraction units. Their purity and consistent high quality have been proven by scientists in the lab. Soxhlet extraction is a common technique for the analysis of many procedures which involve solid-liquid extraction.

Our products of extraction thimbles are available in cellulose extraction thimbles and glass fiber extraction thimbles. Cellulose extraction thimbles can be used in general Soxhlet extraction. Glass fiber extraction thimbles are suitable for application if cellulose extraction thimbles are not suitable, such as temperatures above 120℃ and strong acids. Glass fiber extraction thimbles are widely used in air and waste gas analysis for collecting solid particles.

Upon your application, you have a wide selection of extraction thimbles with consistent wall thickness, super mechanical strength, and retention ability. Their high porosity ensures fast flow for most all the extraction systems.

DOP Retention of our cellulose extraction thimbles is up to 99.8%, and the maximum temperature is 100°C. Hawach glass fiber extraction thimbles can be used when the solvents are not compatible with cellulose ones. And the maximum temperatures are 500°C.