Main Points of Maintenance of Glass Fiber Extraction Thimble

Hawach glass fiber extraction thimble is made of 100% pure super-fine glass micro-fiber without any binding elements. It is mostly used to monitor stationary pollution sources. It has low background response, high collection efficiency and small differences among different batches that even can be used in the flue of 600℃.

The maintenance of this production is particularly important to the users. Proper using and maintenance can markedly prolong its service life and improve work efficiency. Here the author proposes four main points of maintenance of glass fiber extraction thimble as follows:

1. Before use, introduce bactericides into the raw water to kill germs and micro-organisms and keep a suitable concentration of nitrogen in it carefully. These measures are helpful to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of our product.
2. In use, the glass fiber extraction thimble should be cleaned regularly. Rinse it with clean water, the special chemical cleaning agent is necessary to join in sometimes.
3. In use, the dramatic changes of pressure should be avoided to the retard the product material aging. The sudden impact can do great damage to the product.
4. when the solution has a high colloid content, it should be treated by sedimentation prior to the user. when the compounds are recovered after filtering, reference should also be made to the properties of raw water.

In a word, there are many effective measures for the maintenance of Glass fiber extraction thimble, we should strengthen the learning of professional methods. Even if the product is newly bought, maintenance work is always very important.