Material and Application of Extraction Thimbles

We recommend materials and applications of two kinds of extraction thimbles in Hawach.

The material of extraction thimbles

Due to difficulty of the manufacturing some extraction thimbles’ materials,  there are only two types of extraction thimbles available in the Chinese market: cellulose extraction thimbles, and Glass fiber extraction thimbles

Application differences and emphases

Cellulose extraction thimbles are particularly suitable for the extraction of indoor dust /toxic organics (phthalic acid) / natural substances, lacquer and binder analysis in paint colors, dust and tar determination in gases, and other similar simple Soxhlet extraction of organic components.

Glass fiber extraction thimbles are always used in specific Soxhlet extraction, such as temperatures higher than 120℃ (what’s more. Hawach glass fiber extraction thimbles can work under 600 degrees Celsius ), strong acid where cellulose filter thimble is not suitable for. Glass fiber extraction thimbles are also applicable to the detection of stationary pollution sources: flue gas, smoke, and dust, such as cadmium, nickel, tin, and fluorine, etc.

In addition, it is a highly efficient filter for dust, acid mist, beryllium, and other harmful substances, and environmental /air exhaust detection, such as arsenic, dioxin, lead, asphalt smoke, and sulfuric acid fog.