Matters Need Attention on Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Hawach glass fiber extraction thimble is elaborately processed by special technology and made of high-grade special superfine glass fiber. It is an efficient filter device that is used to collect harmful substances such as smoke, acid fog, and beryllium substitutes. It has advantages, such as high-temperature resistance, low weight loss, high efficiency, and good strength.

People should pay attention to the following points when using because of the characteristics of glass fibers.

First, check the sampling heads to ensure the taper is matching and the clearance is appropriate.

Second, make sure it is not affected by tearing force, shearing force, or some other forces in case the mouth is not broken when loading or unloading the extraction thimbles.

Third, people should use the extraction thimbles in the appropriate temperature range which means they are under sufficient strength. It is reported that the strength of glass fibers begins to decrease when they are heated to more than 200 C and then cooled.

The glass fiber extraction thimble is promoted in wide use since put into production in 1974, which prompts smoke and dust detection in China.