Operation Rules for Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Glass fiber extraction thimbles can be used to collect harmful substances such as smoke, dust, acid mist, and so on. It is widely used at home and abroad. It has excellent performance in high-temperature resistance, low weight loss, high efficiency, and high strength. Just because of the popularization and application of it, the efficiency of smoke and dust detection at home has been greatly improved.

Due to the characteristics of glass fiber, the following points should be noticed when using this product:

1. Before being used, the adaption of glass fiber extraction thimbles with its sampler must be checked carefully. As you install or remove the extraction thimbles, the fracture in the rim of the extraction thimbles should be avoided.

2. The glass fiber extraction thimbles cannot be used as you see the defects such as the cap, crack or the irregularity of itself. Sampling failure caused by air blowing should be avoided.

3. In order to achieve sufficient strength of glass fiber, the extraction thimble should be used under the required temperature all the time. When heated to high temperature, glass fiber can remain high strength, but it will reduce rapidly when chilled. It was reported that the strength of the fibers remained at only 35% when it was chilled after heating it to 510℃.