Operational Instruction and After-Sale Service of Filter Paper

Operational Instruction of Filter Paper

In order to prolong the service life and obtain the best performance, there are some instructions to follow. It is better to spray the filter paper with water before using, because the dry filter paper has poor filtration effect and is easily been sucked away by the filter paper, and then the experimental results will be affected.

In addition, if the particle content in the sample is too large, it is suitable to use a funnel connected to the hose to increase the filtration speed. The higher the folding degree of the filter paper is, the larger the surface area it can provide, and the better the filtration effect it can obtain, but be careful not to overfold and cause the filter paper to break.

After-sale service of Filter Paper

Hawach filter paper has broad application prospects and potential in many fields due to its advantages of convenient preparation, sustainable materials, and low cost. Besides, the complete pre-sale and after-sale service system, and perfect quality guarantee system make customers feel the most satisfactory service. Contact us immediately, Hawach will make an endeavor to meet customers with diverse requirements.

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