Overview of Extraction Thimbles

The extraction thimble is a type of cylindrical element for filtration. Generally, it is divided into filtering cartridges as gas and a liquid medium.

Thimbles of liquid filtering medium are usually installed inside the pipeline. Besides, featuring a conical shape of the filter cartridge is usually, they are also named conical filter cartridge.


Common filter materials of extraction thimble involve wood pulp fiber paper and polyester non-woven fabric, among which the latter can process coating, oil-proof, water-proof and static-proof methods.

Installation Method

There are vertical lifting, inclined installation(according to specific angles) and flange installation .etc.


1. Improve the effective filtering area on a large scale.
2. Confirm a low and stable pressure difference and increase the circulation of air volume.
3. The compact filter element is easy to be installed.
4. Especially suitable for industries of high dust concentration.


The size of the extraction thimble is frequently referred to as overseas imported samples. Hence, the common specifications are 12.75′, 13.84′, and 26′ in height, which after conversion to metric are actually 325 * 660 mm and 350 * 660 mm.

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