Performance Comparison of Extraction Thimble

Currently, extraction thimble falls into two types: one is cellulose extraction thimbles, and another is glass fiber extraction thimble. Both of them are excellent at superior performance, consistent wall thickness, and smooth interior surfaces. Additionally, both of them has proven to be a good choice for collecting solid particles in air and waste gas analysis area.

The performance of both products has reached the advanced level of the same extraction thimble in the market. By comparison, cellulose extraction thimbles and glass fiber extraction thimble have their own merits. The former has a wider selection of sizes.

The latter is better in DOP Retention and high-temperature resistance. For DOP Retention, the former is 99.8%, and the latter is 99.9%. For maximum temperature, the former is 100℃, the latter is 500℃.

Besides, the former is suitable for extraction of additives from livestock feed, and extraction of plasticizers from PVC, the latter is suitable for extraction with solvents that are incompatible with cellulose fibers. Both of them can meet the different needs of the customer.