PH Testing Filter Paper

Chemistry cannot do without solutions, which can be acid or base. The “ruler” for testing the pH of a solution is the “extensive pH paper”, also known as the litmus paper. This is a kind of ready-made test filter paper. When using it, tear off a strip and put it on the surface dish. Dip a drop of solution into the glass container with a dry glass rod.

Method editing
1. Test the acidity and alkalinity of the solution: take a small piece of test paper on the surface dish or glass sheet, dip a clean and dry glass stick into the middle of the test paper, observe the color after stable change, and compare with the standard color card to judge the nature of the solution.

2. Test the acidity and alkalinity of the gas: first wet the test filter paper with distilled water, stick it to one end of the glass rod, and then send it to the mouth of the container where the gas to be tested is stored. Observe the color change and judge the nature of the gas.(the paper cannot touch the wall)

3. Chemical information editing
PH paper application is very extensive, pH of the reaction principle is based on the pH indicator method, the general analysis of the pH value of the test paper containing methyl red [pH4.2 (red) to 6.2 (yellow)], bromocresol green [pH3.6 (yellow) to 5.4 (green)] bromine thyme phenol blue (yellow) [6.0 ~ 7.6 (blue)], this mixed acid-base indicator with a moderate amount of alcohol can reflect the variation range of pH 4.5 ~ 9.0.

Specification : Width : 39/93/125cm .