Precautions For Filter Paper Use

Qualitative analysis filter paper generally has more residual ash content, which is only used for general qualitative analysis and filtration solution of precipitation or suspended matter, not for quality analysis.

In terms of type and specification, qualitative analysis filter paper and quantitative analysis filter paper are basically the same. However, it is not necessary to use quantitative and qualitative analysis of filter paper to filter precipitation in cartons containing filter paper.

(1) Natural filtration is generally used to separate liquids from solids by utilizing the ability of filter paper and solid particles to be intercepted.
(2) Because the mechanical strength and toughness of filter paper are less than that of suction filter, if the filtering speed must be accelerated, in order to prevent the failure of filtration, two or three layers of filter paper can be stacked in the funnel according to the suction force when air pump filters. When vacuum suction filters are used, a layer of dense filter cloth should be padded first, and then placed on top. Filter paper filtratio.
(3) It is better not to filter hot concentrated sulfuric acid or nitric acid solution.

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