Precautions When Using Qualitative and Quantitative Filter Paper

The filter paper currently produced mainly includes three types: quantitative analysis filter paper, qualitative analysis filter paper, and chromatographic qualitative analysis filter paper. The two concepts of quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper are only available for cellulose filter paper and are not suitable for other types of filter paper such as glass microfiber filter paper.

Qualitative filter paper is used for qualitative chemical analysis and corresponding filtration separation. Qualitative filter paper is generally used to laboratory filter solutions for qualitative tests that do not need to calculate values for chlorides, sulfates, etc.; quantitative filter papers are used to filter accurately calculated values, such as measuring residues, insoluble, etc., generally after filtering with quantitative filter paper, need to enter a high-temperature furnace for treatment. Let’s know the precautions in qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis.

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Precautions in filtration experiment. Note on the filter paper box that when using the quantitative and qualitative analysis filter paper to filter the precipitate. Precautions for qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis:

1. Generally uses natural filtration, using the filter paper body and the ability to retain solid particles to separate the liquid and solid;
2. Because the mechanical strength and toughness of the filter paper filtration are small, try to use less filtration to filter. If the filtration speed must be increased, the filtration failure will be prevented to prevent the filtration. When the air pump is filtered, it can be stacked in the funnel according to the pumping force. Put 2 to 3 layers of filter paper, when vacuum filtration, put a layer of dense filter cloth on the funnel, and then filter the filter paper;
3. It is best not to filter hot concentrated sulfuric acid or nitric acid on the filter paper.

The difference between the use of quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper is that qualitative filter paper is used for qualitative chemical analysis, qualitative filter paper chemistry lab, and corresponding filtration separation; quantitative filter paper used in gravimetric analysis test and corresponding analytical test in quantitative chemical analysis.

The function of the quantitative filter paper is mainly used for the ashing weighing analysis experiment after filtration. The ash weight of each filter paper after ashing is a fixed value, and the qualitative filter paper is used for general filtration.

In addition, under what circumstances are the fast filter paper, medium filter paper and slow filter paper used separately?

The main components are fibers, namely C, H, O, and a small number of other elements. However, the ash produced by the quantitative filter paper is seldom, negligible, and is used for quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper.

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