Precipitation When Using Filter Paper

When using filter paper, we should pay attention to the fact that when the filter paper is not displayed on the paper box of the filter paper, the precipitation should be paid attention to when using the quantitative and qualitative analysis filter papers.

(1) Natural filtration is generally used to separate liquids and solids by utilizing the filter paper body and the ability to intercept solid particles; Natural filtration is generally used to separate liquid from solid by using the ability of filter paper body and solid particle interception.

Because the mechanical strength and toughness of filter paper are relatively small, filter paper should be filtered as little as possible by suction method. If filtering speed must be accelerated, in order to prevent filtering failure, 2-3 layers of filter papers can be stacked in the funnel according to the suction force when air pump filters. When air suction is used, a dense filter cloth is first laid on the funnel and then filter paper is placed on it.

(2) Filter paper should not be dissolved in concentrated sulphuric acid or nitric acid.

(3)The qualitative analysis filter paper is mainly used as a carrier in paper chromatography. There are two kinds of filter paper, No. 1 and No. 3, for qualitative separation and chromatographic analysis of the substances to be measured. Each kind of filter paper can be divided into three kinds: fast, medium and slow.