Prevention and Control of COVID-19

Novel coronavirus pneumonia named COVID-19 by WHO, which is a serious communicable disease. Now it has been defined as a public health emergency of international concern and launched the first-level public health emergency response. It can be transmitted by human-to-human through droplet infection, contact transmission, and cross-infection. The incidence rate, case fatality rate, and recovery rate can be different according to prevention and control consciousness and action. To curb the spread of the virus, firmer resolve, doubled efforts and more decisive measures should be taken. Since the outbreak started, the Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive, thorough, and rigorous prevention and control measures and waged a resolute fight against the epidemic. China has taken the strictest prevention and control measures to beat COVID-19 and protect the safety and health of the Chinese people and take it is the top priority of the Chinese government.

Control measure is operated in an orderly manner, at the very beginning of the outbreak, the Chinese government and people have made all-out efforts to donate prevention materials to people who are in lack, release information in a timely manner, work closely with a health organization, intensify analysis and protection on epidemic development, improve measures for dealing with the risk of imported infections and strengthen exchanges and cooperation within different institutes. What’s more, under the strong leadership of the Chinese government, greater efforts have given to improve coordinating mechanisms of epidemic control strategies, enhance sharing of experience in prevention and treatment, and advance joint scientific research. Community-based control of the contagion is efficient in the prevention and control of the COVID-19. The mechanisms of data sharing, information disclosure, and inspection of people returned from Hubei province and Wuhan, as the priority regions in epidemic control, those provinces should remain consistent and cautious. Patients are provided with better medical treatment and normal work and production in Wuhan will be gradually resumed.


Currently, China’s measures have effectively prevented the further spread of the virus. China has made great efforts to prevent the global spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia and it will continue to work hard for final and total victory over the disease. Facing these challenges, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have demonstrated excellent leadership capabilities and a great capacity to mobilize, and China’s practices have provided good experiences for other countries. We also should own the improved situation to the great efforts made by all medical workers and people fighting on the front line of epidemic control. They and many other front-line workers have spearheaded efforts despite difficulties and threats to their lives.

Common people’s fight against the virus is an important part of the whole containment. Chinese villages fight smart in the battle against the new viruses, some villages patrol with loudspeakers, and long alert banners hanging on walls, and set up checkpoints to examine vehicles and visitors. Message such as “Please wear masks, wash your hands regularly, stay at home, avoid paying New Year visits to others, immediately report potential infected cases” is broadcast all day. The loudspeaker is used to remind villagers of the newly released information about the disease to raise our awareness of the epidemic. Although the villages are the weakest links in the chain of prevention and control of COVID-19, the measures taken by them are often the toughest and smartest. Vehicles and public facilities are disinfected regularly, and the families who recently returned from Hubei, Chongqing, and Hunan where the new coronavirus is serious are regularly visited by medical workers. The medical workers take the temperature of the members of these families twice a day and call to immediately report anyone with suspected infection symptoms to the nearest headquarters.

With disease prevention and control has entered a critical period, the whole nation should not downplay the threat of the virus, we must make all efforts to the mobilization ability of primary-level communities and concentrate efforts to curb the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, we are making efforts to guide public institutes and companies to restart their work and production. China’s economy is under strong downward pressure in the process of combatting the disease, China’s party committees and governments at all levels have made a great endeavor to actively promote work and production resumption to minimize the epidemic’s negative impact. Low-risk provinces should take measures to fully resume normal production and living order. Provinces with medium risk should be on alert for fighting against the disease and make preparation for work- resuming in an orderly manner.

We have confidence in winning the battle against the disease, and we will summarize experiences to improve the system for national health emergency management. Join hands to fight novel coronavirus pneumonia as the epidemic spreads around the globe, make our contribution to preventing the wider spread of the disease, and keep alert. The prevention and control work should be firmly implemented to avoid the reversal of the hard-won improving epidemic situation.