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Qualitative Filter Papers Chemistry Lab

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd qualitative filter paper chemistry lab is divided into standard grade and wet strength grade. The wet strength grade adds a small amount of chemical stabilizer to the standard grade. Wet strengthened grades are with better moisture resistance. The ash content of filter paper 1 is less than 0.1%. Qualitative filter papers cover a wide range of laboratory applications and frequently used for clarifying liquids. Wet strength filter paper disc exhibits excellent compression resistance under high pressure and vacuum laboratory conditions and is not easily damaged.

Qualitative filter papers generally adopt gravity filtration, which uses filter paper to trap solid-phase particles to separate solid-liquid. Filter paper is usually used in a single layer or multiple layers. Qualitative filter paper chemistry lab has natural mechanical strength and certain toughness. If you need to speed up the filtering speed, you can fold the filter paper many times (such as stacking two layers of filter paper into a fan shape or a zigzag pattern), which can significantly increase the filtering speed. During air pump filtration, 2-3 layers of filter paper can be stacked in the funnel according to the suction force, or a layer of dense filter cloth can be placed first, and then filter paper can be placed on it for filtration. Qualitative filter paper is also commonly used for cleaning test benches and cleaning various equipment tools in the wiping laboratory.

Technical Data of Qualitative Filter Papers

GradeParticle RetentionProduct AppearanceFiltration SpeedAsh Content (%)Basis Weight (g/m2)Wet Burst (mm H2O)
GradeSeparating PropertyFiltration SecondsFiltration SpeedAsh Content (%)Pore SizeBasis Weight (g/m2)Wet Burst (mm H2O)
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