Qualitative Laboratory Filtration Filter Paper Grade: BIO-2

Grade: BIO-2
Filtration Speed: Medium
Product Appearance: Smooth
Ash Content(%): <0.06
Basis Weight(g/m²): 103
Particle Retention: 8μm
Wet Burst(psi): 0.7
Thickness(mm): 190


Description of filtration filter paper BIO-2

Hawach BIO-2 qualitative filtration filter paper is Whatman Grade 2 equivalent quality with competitive price in the market, which has a moderate retention rate and flow rate (8μm). Laboratory filter manufactured to ISO 9001 environmental management standards and all passed the CE certificates.

Compared with filter paper disc 1, filtration filter paper bio 2 has a slightly higher retention rate and load capacity, and the filtration time increases accordingly (such as slower filtration speed). In addition to the ability to retain small particles of about 8μm, the strong adsorption capacity also has its advantages. For example, laboratory filter can be used as plant growth test paper, and the paper can retain nutrients in the soil to continuously provide nutrients for plant growth. Filter paper roll is also used in air and soil tests to monitor specific pollutants.

In addition to the commonly used disc filter paper, Hawach also produces filter paper roll. Same as qualitative filter paper chemistry grade BIO-113,
filter paper grade 2 covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is frequently used for clarifying liquids. Hawach also provides pre-folded qualitative filter paper. Compared with ordinary filter paper, folding can increase the flow rate and load of the filter paper.


Features of laboratory filter paper BIO-2

1. Laboratory filter BIO-2 is equivalent to Whatman Grade 2
2. Lab filtration paper have a broad pH tolerance and are thermostable up to 120°C
3. Disc, filter paper roll, square type
4. Pore size 8um with medium retention and flow rate
5. Disc (round) in 70, 90, 110, 125, 150, 180, 185, 240, 270mm diameter or OEM size is available
6. Sheet (square L*W) in 41*45, 60*60, 65*65, 80*80, 85*85, 90*90 diameter or OEM size is available

Advantages of lab filtration paper

1. Filtration filter paper manufactured from alpha-cellulose and high-quality cotton linters
2. Qualitative filter paper superior work under high pressure or vacuum
3. Lab filtration paper easy to use: pre-cut filter paper for use directly
4. All round, square, and roll types laboratory filter, OEM products are available
5. Whatman filter paper equivalent quality with competitive price
6. Lowest ashless content: < 0.1%
7. High purity and consistent performance

Applications of filter paper roll & disc

1. Laboratory filter is suitable for soil testing
2. Lab filtration paper is used in the food industry to separate solid foods from related liquids or extract liquids
3. Monitoring airborne pollutants
4. Textile dye quality inspection
5. Conservation of soil nutrients in a plant experiment
6. Chromic acid mist collection and monitoring of plating bath around
7. Widely used in education for teaching simple qualitative analytical separations

Grade Comparison

Hawach Scientific Co., LtdWhatmanAdvantecMunktellAhlstromMacherey NagelSartorius
BIO-2Grade 2232No.2/150642616292a

Guide for Filter Paper


Technical Data

Ash Content
Basis Weight
Wet Burst
(mm H2O)
BIO-28μmSmoothMedium<0.184> 140

Ordering Information

Item #Description
BIO-2-055Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 55mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-2-070Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 70mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-2-090Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 90mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-2-110Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 110mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-2-125Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 125mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-2-150Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 150mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-2-180Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 180mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-2-185Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 185mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-2-240Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 240mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-2-270Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 2, Medium, 8μm, 270mm, 100pcs/pk
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