Qualitative 20 Micron Filter Paper Grade: BIO-4

Grade: BIO-4
Equivalent to Whatman Grade 4
Filtration Speed: Fast
Ash Content(%): <0.06
Particle Retention: 20μm
Product Appearance: Smooth
Basis Weight(g/m²): 96
Wet Burst(psi): 0.7
Thickness(mm): 205

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Description of 20 Micron Filter Paper Grade 4

Hawach BIO-4 qualitative lab filter paper is standard-grade filter paper for routine applications. BIO-4 filter paper material is alpha-cellulose and cotton linter. BIO-4 20 micron filter paper is ideal for substituting the Whatman grade 4 and with a more competitive price, which has a low retention rate and fast flow rate(20μm). General filtration for laboratory use, pore size is about 20 microns, fast flow rate, ash content less than 0.1%, gram weight 84g, wet bursting degree greater than 120mm water column. The difference from filter paper 1 micron, is the filtration speed of 20 micron filter paper is fast.

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd is a China qualitative and quantitative micron filter manufacturer and supplier, that produces full range size filter paper to meet your chemical and biology experiment.

lab grade filter paper

Features of 20 Micron Lab Filter Paper

  • BIO-4 is equivalent to Whatman Grade 4;
  • 20 micron qualitative filter paper;
  • Micron filter manufacturer;
  • Has a broad pH tolerance and is thermostable up to 120°C;
  • Diameter of BIO-4 is the same as qualitative filtration filter paper grade 2, which are 55, 70, 90, 110, 125, 150, 180, 185, 240, 270, and 300mm.

Advantages of Lab Filter Paper

  • Micron filter manufacturer passed ISO9001 & CE double approved;
  • Lab filter paper is manufactured from alpha-cellulose and high-quality cotton linters;
  • Lowest ashless content: < 0.1%;
  • High purity and consistent performance;
  • According to figure: round and square, accept OEM service.


  • Citric acid and sodium in drugs;
  • Monitoring air pollution with reagent immersion;
  • Determination of oil and grease in the volatile acid in flour, malt sugar;
  • It is best not to filter hot concentrated sulfuric acid or nitric acid solution;
  • Natural filtration is generally used, and the separation of the test liquid and the solid is performed by using the filter paper body and the ability to trap solid particles.

Grade comparison by micron filter manufacturer provided

Hawach Scientific Co., LtdWhatmanAdvantecMunktellAhlstromMacherey NagelSartorius
BIO-4Grade 411288/36311670604

Guide for Filter Paper


Technical Data

Ash Content
Basis Weight
Wet Burst
(mm H2O)
BIO-420μmSmoothFast<0.184> 120

Ordering Information

Item #DescriptionPore SizeDiameterPackage
BIO-4-055Grade 4, fast flow rate20-25 μm55mm100pcs/pk
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