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Quantitative Medium Flow Filter Paper Grade: BIO-40

Grade: BIO-40
Filtration Speed: Medium
Wet Burst(psi): 0.5
Thickness(mm): 210
Basis Weight(g/m2): 92
Product Appearance: Smooth
Particle Retention: 8.0μm
Ash Content(%): < 0.007

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Description of Medium Flow Filter Paper Grade 40

Filter paper Grade 40 is made of high-quality commercial cotton pulp using advanced production and post-processing techniques; it has very little residual ash after burning and has almost no influence on the analysis results and is suitable for precise quantitative analysis. Produced under strict quality control, these high-purity filter papers are used in various important analysis and filtration steps.

Hawach BIO-40 Quantitative filter paper is a star product equivalent to Whatman’s filter paper Grade 40. Because Hawach integrates R&D and sales, our vacuum filter paper has more competitive. Filter paper filtration is more effective against chemical reactions, so it produces fewer impurities and can be used for quantitative analysis.

Different from chemical filter paper bio-43, Quantitative medium flow filter paper Grade 40 has slow particle retention (pore size 8μm). This quantitative filter paper filtration is used in several test methods. Commonly used filters in many standardized test methods, such as sample preparations and gravimetric analysis.


Features of Medium Flow Filter Paper 40

1. Filter paper filtration
2. Medium flow filter paper
3. High retention rate
4. High-purity filters contain 0.007% maximum ash content
5. BIO-40 is equivalent to Whatman filter paper Grade 40

Advantages of Competitive Vacuum Filter Paper

1. ISO9001 & CE third-party certification
2. Lowest ashless content: < 0.007%
3. High purity and consistent performance
4. Easy to use: pre-cut filter paper for use directly
5. Full range of diameters and OEM sizes and types are available
6. Whatman Grade 40 equivalent quality but competitive vacuum filter paper

Applications of Quantitative Filter Paper Grade 40

Regular filtration
Vacuum filtration
Pressure filtration
Particle size detection in dyes
Analysis of the specific gravity of milk sediment
Specific gravity analysis of cement, clay, iron, and steel products
Clarification filtration of the solution before atomic spectroscopy
Separation of solids from aqueous extracts during routine analysis
Collect trace amounts of elements and radionuclides from the atmosphere
Specific gravity analysis, filtration of the solution before a determination by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, and sampling in air pollution monitoring

Grade Comparison

Hawach Scientific Co., LtdWhatmanAdvantecMunktellAhlstromMacherey Nagel
BIO-40Grade 40NO.5B39074640d

Guide for Filter Paper


Technical Data

Ash Content
Basis Weight
Wet Burst
(mm H2O)
BIO-408μmSmoothMedium<0.007104> 180

Ordering Information

Item #Description
BIO-40-055Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 55mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-40-070Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 70mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-40-090Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 90mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-40-110Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 110mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-40-125Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 125mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-40-150Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 150mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-40-180Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 180mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-40-185Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 185mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-40-240Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 240mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-40-270Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 40, Medium, 8μm, 270mm, 100pcs/pk
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