Quantitative Roll Filter Paper Suppliers Grade: BIO-43

Grade: BIO-43
Filtration Speed: Medium to Fast
Product Appearance: Smooth
Ash Content(%): <0.008
Particle Retention: 16μm
Thickness(mm): 220
Basis Weight(g/m²): 96
Wet Burst(psi): 0.6


Description of Chemical Filter Paper Grade 43

Hawach BIO-43 is a medium to fast flow rate filter paper, and equivalent to Whatman Grade 43 with a more competitive price, pore size: 16μm.

Lab grade filter paper is particularly suitable for use in Buchner funnel filtration. Its tough, smooth surface makes it easy to recover sediment. The hardened ashless filter paper is acid-hardened and has high wet strength and chemical resistance, and the ash content is extremely low. The tough surface makes these filter papers suitable for a variety of demanding filtration steps.

BIO-43 is a chemical filter paper, can be used for sample collection in food analysis, air pollution monitoring, soil analysis,  and inorganic analysis in the minerals, construction industry, and steel industries.

Hawach is the leading filter paper supplier in both innovative design and high-quality products, providing the full range size of the chemical filter paper.

We are the leading roll filter paper suppliers in both innovative design and high-quality products.

Particle retention between filter paper BIO-40 and ashless filter paper BIO-41, but twice as fast as BIO-40.


Features of Filter Paper Grade 43

Comparable to Whatman Grade 43
Medium to fast flow rate
Especially suitable for gravimetric analysis
The maximum ash content of a high purity filter is 0.009%
Fast medium filtration speed and nominal particles retain a rating of 16 microns

Advantages of Chemical Filter Paper

Pass by ISO9001 & CE Double approved
Roll filter paper supplier provides a full range of diameter
Whatman equivalent quality but competitive price
Chemical filter paper is made of cellulose and high cotton wool
Lowest ashless content: < 0.007%
High purity and stable performance


Lab Grade Filter Paper
Soil analysis
X-ray fluorescence detection
Inorganic analysis of construction, mining, and steel industry
Particle collection in air pollution monitoring is prepared for subsequent

Grade Comparison

Hawach Scientific Co., LtdWhatmanAdvantecMunktellAhlstromMacherey Nagel
BIO-43Grade 43n/a392/00A75640md

Guide for Filter Paper


Technical Data

Ash Content
Basis Weight
Wet Burst
(mm H2O)
BIO-4316μmSmoothFast<0.007104> 180

Ordering Information

Item #Description
BIO-43-055Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 55mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-43-070Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 70mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-43-090Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 90mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-43-110Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 110mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-43-125Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 125mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-43-150Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 150mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-43-180Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 180mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-43-185Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 185mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-43-240Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 240mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-43-270Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 43, Fast, 16μm, 270mm, 100pcs/pk
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