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Quantitative Cellulose Filter Paper Grade: BIO-44

3 Micron Filter Paper
Grade: BIO-44
Filtration Speed: Slow
Product Appearance: Good
Ash Content(%): < 0.008
Wet Burst(psi): 0.4
Basis Weight(g/m²): 77
Thickness(mm): 176

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Description of Cellulose Filter Papers Grade 44

Hawach BIO 44 cellulose filter paper is a star product equivalent to Whatman Grade 44 with a more competitive price, pore size 3 micron, which has a high retention rate and a slow flow rate. Regardless of the size, BIO-44 has lower ash than others in this series. The efficiency of collecting small particles is slightly lower than that of 2.5 micron filter paper BIO-42, but the flow rate is faster.

Because the cotton fiber in the filter paper has a good affinity with water, it can absorb about 22% of water, of which 6% to 7% of water is combined with cellulose in the form of hydrogen bonds. In general, it is very difficult to remove. Compared with the affinity with water, the affinity of the cotton fiber in the cellulose filter papers with the organic solvent is weaker.

Therefore, in most cases, the paper chromatography method uses the bound water in the filter paper fibers as the stationary phase, and the mobile phase is based on organic solvents. When the mobile phase of the organic solvent passes through the sample, it will continuously distribute the water and the organic phase, and then as the mobile phase continues to move, the substances of various components are continuously redistributed, which further enables the substances to be separated and purified. This use of filter paper is generally common in chemical laboratories.

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Features of Cellulose Filter Papers

Cellulose filter papers
Pore size: 3 micron
Equivalent to Whatman Grade 44
High-purity filters contain 0.009% maximum ash content

Advantages of Lab Filter Paper Grade 44

Passed by ISO9001 & CE double approved.
3 micron filter paper is manufactured from alpha-cellulose and high-cotton linters.
Laboratory apparatus filter paper.
Lowest ashless content: < 0.007%.
Keep very fine particles.
High purity and consistent performance, the quality is equivalent to Whatman, and the price is more competitive.


Pressure filtration
Use for laboratory apparatus
Particularly useful for gravimetric analysis
Ideal for a variety of important analytical filtration steps

Grade Comparison

Hawach Scientific Co., LtdWhatmanAdvantecMunktellAhlstromMacherey Nagel
BIO-44Grade 446/4A39195640de

Guide for Filter Paper


Technical Data

Filtration SpeedAsh Content
Basis Weight
Wet Burst
(mm H2O)

Ordering Information

Item #Description
BIO-44-055Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 55mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-44-070Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 70mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-44-090Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 90mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-44-110Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 110mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-44-125Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 125mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-44-150Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 150mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-44-180Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 180mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-44-185Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 185mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-44-240Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 240mm, 100pcs/pk
BIO-44-270Quantitative Filter Papers, Grade 44, Slow, 3μm, 270mm, 100pcs/pk
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