Wet Strengthened 10 Micron Filter Paper Grade: BIO-91

Grade: BIO-91
Equivalent to Whatman Grade 91
Filtration Speed: Medium
Pore Size: 10μm
Basis Weight(g/m²): 84
Wet Burst(psi): >=320
Ash Content(%): < 0.13
Separating Property: PbSO4
Filtration Seconds: > 35 –< 70

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Description of Wet Strengthened Filter Paper Grade BIO-91

Hawach BIO-91 10 micron filter paper is a star product equivalent to Whatman’s Grade 91. As a wet strength supplier, we have a more competitive price and a proper retention rate and flow rate (10μm). BIO 91 filter paper discs are very tough and have high wet strength. In general qualitative applications, no significant impurities are introduced. However, the resin contains nitrogen, so it should be noted that it cannot be used for the determination of Kjeldahl. Some wet-strength qualitative filter papers have a folded form.

As a filter paper supplier, Hawach complete diameter range of 70, 90, 110, 125, 150, 180, 185, 240, 270, and 300mm. Wet strength grade 91 filter paper has medium filtration speed, if you prefer a faster speed, you can choose filter paper sheets BIO-113. Hawach is a major wet strength manufacturer in the global filter paper market. The higher the degree of folding of the 10 micron filter paper, the higher the surface area that can be provided, and the better the filtering effect, but the wet strength manufacturer suggests being careful not to over-fold and cause the filter paper to break.

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Features of 10 micron filter paper

  • Wet strengthened filter paper discs;
  • Particle retention greater than 10 microns;
  • Filter paper wet strength supplier provides a complete diameter range: from 70 to 300mm.

Advantages of 10 micron filter paper

  • Whatman equivalent quality but filter paper wet strength supplier is the competitive price;
  • BIO-91 10 micron filter paper is easy to operate: the filter paper is pre-cut, using directly;
  • Wet strength qualitative filter paper superior work under high pressure or vacuum operation;
  • Complete filter paper diameter range wet strength manufacturer provided, customizable model and size.


  • Gas detection;
  • Sugar analysis in sucrose;
  • Air pollution monitoring;
  • Qualitative analytical separations for precipitates;
  • Oil analysis and seed testing procedures;
  • Separation of solid foodstuffs from associated liquid or extract liquid.

Grade Comparison

Hawach Scientific Co., LtdWhatmanAdvantecMunktellAhlstromMacherey Nagel
BIO-91Grade 91n/a55/N615n/a

Guide for Filter Paper


Technical Data

Ash Content
Pore Size
Basis Weight
Wet Burst
(mm H2O)
BIO-91PbSO4> 35 –< 70Slow<0.131084>= 320

Ordering Information

Item #DescriptionPore SizeDiameterPackage
BIO-91-055Grade 91, medium flow rate10 μm55mm100pcs/pk
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