Production Process and Siphon Principle of Extraction Thimble

Hawach is committed to the development and production of chromatography consumables and has advanced production technology, rigorous testing procedures, excellent after-sales service, and a professional R & D team.

The extraction thimbles are made of cotton fiber with high cellulose content according to international standards, with good mechanical strength and excellent retention capacity. It is especially suitable for the extraction of organic compounds in reaction mixtures, foods, natural substances, paints, and paints; binders in paints; powders and tars in gas, and asphalt; and the determination of nicotine content. Hawach can provide you with two different extraction thimbles.

Manufactured from the highest grade cotton cellulose fibers or 100% pure borosilicate glass binderless microfiber, Hawach extraction thimbles are the best tool to help you get optimal analytical results. They provide a safe, efficient, and convenient way of solvent extraction of solids and semi-solids with a wide selection of dimensions that can fit most of the Soxhlet extractors. When you choose the extraction thimbles, you should consider the media and the size of the thimbles.

Hawach Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Hawach Additives Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

The Hawach cellulose extraction thimbles are made of high alpha cellulose which has the factor of excellent mechanical strength and retention. With a smooth interior surface, and absolutely seamless.

Hawach cellulose extraction thimbles can fit most Soxhlet-type, Tecator-type, or similar devices. The glass microfiber thimbles which are made of high-purity borosilicate glass fibers are widely used for high-temperature filtration, up to 550℃. When the solvents are incompatible with the cellulose thimble, or the solid particles need to be collected in the air and waste gas analysis, the glass microfiber thimble will be your choice.

When choosing Hawach extraction thimbles, thimble sizes should be considered carefully to fit extractors perfectly. when you calculate the external diameters, don’t forget to make the extra allowance for wall thickness.

Production Process of Extraction Thimble

Traditionally, glass extraction thimble is one of the more easily damaged glassware, and especially the external wall of the siphon reflux tube is easy to break, so you should be careful in the experimental operation.

However, the Hawach extraction thimble is widely used in the laboratory, and it is more useful for flammable, toxic, or odorous solutions. Cellulose is made of high-quality cellulose cotton wool with high purity, high mechanical strength, and strong retention. The solid material should be ground before extraction to increase the area of solid-liquid contact.

Siphon Principle of Extraction Thimble

Hawach extraction thimble is a continuous extraction of the required components in solid mixtures with the principle of reflux and siphon of solvent.

When the liquid level of the solvent flowing back into the extraction tube exceeds the siphon of the extraction thimble, the solvent in the extraction tube flows back into the flask at the bottom of the circle, and the siphon occurs.

With the increase of temperature, reflux begins again. Before each siphon, the solid material can be extracted by pure hot solvent, and the solvent is used repeatedly, which shortens the extraction time, so the extraction efficiency is high.