Laboratory Filter Paper

Filter papers produced by Hawach laboratory filter paper manufacturer are divided into two series, qualitative filter paper, and quantitative filter paper.

Laboratory Filter Paper Manufacturer

Qualitative filter papers are divided into standard grades and wet-strengthened grades. Wet strengthened grades are added a small amount of chemical stabilizer on the basis of the standard grades. Quantitative filter paper is generally aimed at ashless filter paper. It must undergo special treatment procedures during use. To a certain extent, it can effectively resist certain chemical reactions, so impurities generated on its surface will be much less, under normal circumstances it is generally used in quantitative analysis. Qualitative filter paper ash content is less than 0.1%, and quantitative filter paper ash content is less than 0.007%. Ash content is the biggest difference between qualitative filter paper chemistry lab and quantitative filter paper. As filter paper manufacturers, Hawach has disc and sheet types, regular or customized sizes, and shape available.

Grade comparison provided by laboratory filter paper manufacturer

Qualitative Filter Paper

WhatmanGrade 1Grade 2Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6
Advantec 2 232 1 235131
MunktellNo.1/1F No.2/1501288/3293/120H1290/1001
Macherey Nagel616616md1670619eh619eh

Wet Strengthened Grades

WhatmanGrade 91Grade 113
Munktell55/N6 S/N
Macherey Nageln/an/a

Quantitative Filter Paper

WhatmanGrade 40Grade 41Grade 42Grade 43Grade 44
AdvantecNo. 5B75C6/4A
Macherey Nagel640d640m640de640md640de