Qualitative Filter Paper Overview

Qualitative filter papers are widely used for general filtration in the lab. Made of cellulose fiber, they are manufactured from high-quality cotton linters with the treatment of maximizing alpha cellulose.
With the highest degree of polymerization, Alpha cellulose is recommended as the most stable cellulose form. Qualitative filter papers which made from a high percentage of alpha cellulose is the guarantee of high quality and consistency. Compared to the quantitative filter papers, qualitative papers are more suited for general application.
Hawach has two kinds of qualitative papers: standard and wet-strengthened papers. with the wrinkled surface, the wet-strengthened quality filter paper which contains a small amount of chemically stabilized resin is very tough. Due to its high wet strength, it is perfect for filtering coarse products or gelatinous precipitates.
Based on your applications, you should consider the levels of purity, hardness, flow rate, loading capacity, and chemical resistance when you look for suitable products.