Quartz Fiber Extraction Thimble Substitute in Certain Application

Economic Impact Analysis

From the current US market price analysis, it’s easy to find out that the quartz fiber extraction thimbles are priced much higher than the common extraction thimbles. The high-purity quartz fiber extraction thimbles are manufactured from pure quartz and are harder to find.

A Substitute for Quartz Fiber Extraction Thimble in Environmental Monitoring

In the monitoring of the amount of heavy metal in the exhaust gas during the environmental monitoring, the ordinary glass fiber extraction thimbles are treated in different ways in order to reduce the influence of its lead content on the monitoring results.

In the daily environmental monitoring, the monitoring of the lead content in the exhaust gas discharged from extraction thimbles treated by the unified immersion method has given stably satisfactory results. The use of a unified immersion method to treat ordinary glass fiber extraction thimbles can achieve comparable results to quartz fiber extraction thimbles, which can significantly reduce the cost.

With such findings, the extraction thimble users can use the glass fiber extraction thimbles to replace the quartz fiber extraction thimble as long as they proceed with the suggested treatment.