Selection of Extraction Thimble

The extraction thimble is mainly applied in the lab experiment involved with Soxhlet Extraction to ensure complete extraction. There are three types of extraction thimbles available – cellulose extraction thimble, glass fiber extraction thimble, and quartz fiber extraction thimble.

Cellulose Extraction Thimble

The cellulose extraction thimble is made of high-quality cotton linters and seamless cellulose. It could be used in most Soxhlet extraction devices. One of its obvious features is the fast flow because of the high porosity. Also, its temperature tolerance is up to 100 degrees, based on outstanding mechanical strength and retention. Generally, it is applied in the determination of fats and lipids in the meat, dust particles in the air, and oils.

Glass Fiber Extraction Thimble

The glass fiber extraction thimble is made of borosilicate glass fibers. Compared with cellulose one, it could undertake a temperature above 120 degrees and be used for strong acidic solutions or gas. Thus, it is mainly applied in the detection of smoke and dust, extraction of strong acidic solutions, and emission controls.

Quartz Fiber Extraction Thimble

The quartz fiber extraction thimble is made of quartz or silica fibers. Its temperature resistance is even much higher than the glass fiber one, which could be up to 900 degrees. It could be used in air sampling and exhaust gas monitoring.