Selection of Extraction Thimbles

In Thimble Grade

It is required that during the process and manufacture extraction thimbles only demineralized water can be applied to create a highly-purified operating environment, which also attributes to low contamination and safety of the extract.
Actually, after years of experiment experience, the importance of raw material would be a special selective option in extraction thimble.
Besides, mechanical strength and excellent retention capacity are the keys to bringing a more reliable and secure extraction.

Followings are two examples of grade selecting

Specific Description

Standard quality with fat determination in food and feed.
A cellulose-made one with the determination of binder contents in asphalt.
For any thimble type, related legit analysis results of soil contaminants and the detection of additives in rubber or other elastomers are especially needed.

In Thimble Size

The thimble sizes have to go through a special quality control procedure, which would perfectly match the extraction thimbles and a given simple workflow.
Those sizes displayed on the table indicate an established practice of showing the overall height and the internal diameter to operators.