Several Reasons for the Damaging Extraction Thimbles

Why the extraction thimbles will be damaged when used? There is a filter cartridge? There are four basic reasons as follows.

The material of the extraction thimbles is poor essentially. Let me give an example to illustrate this. Good filter paper is made of natural wood pulp fibers, and some man-made chemical fibers will be added in to improve the strength of filter paper mostly. However, some poor extraction thimble is made of recycled paper, in which the fiber structure has been damaged or contains many impurities, resulting in poor strength of the filter material itself.

The processing technology of making extraction thimbles is rough. The filter material is needed to be indented and folded in the process of extraction thimbles’ production. If the production is not up to standard, the strength of the edge of the filter paper fold will be greatly reduced.
Too much resistance of the extraction thimble causes frequent back-blowing. If the back-blow is too frequent, which leads to a strong impact on the material, the lifetime of the extraction thimbles will be shortened.

The extraction thimble is damp or corroded. It is necessary to emphasize the application for thimbles when purchasing extraction thimbles.
The use of the extraction thimble has exceeded its service life seriously. Even if the extraction thimble is of good quality, it has a certain service life and needs to be replaced and maintained timely.