Some Advice on Glass Fiber Extraction Thimble

The glass fiber extraction thimble is made of ultra-fine glass fiber and is used for various applications. It’s a high-efficiency filter device for collecting harmful substances such as soot, acid mist, and beryllium substitute. It has the advantages of excellent heat resistance, small weight loss, great efficiency, and good strength.

When you use a glass fiber extraction thimble, please notice the following advice:

1. Check all parts of the sampling head before using the device to make sure they match one another and the gap is suitable.

2. When the device is loaded or unloaded, make sure it’s not subjected to force such as tearing force or shearing to protect it from breaking.

3. The extraction thimbles cannot be used when you find the device has voids, cracks, or uneven thickness, as it might cause sampling failure due to airflow blow.

4. Use the device within the specified temperature range to ensure the device operates at sufficient strength. The report shows that the strength of the glass fiber begins to decrease when it’s heated to above 200°C and then cooled.