Something You Need to Know About the Extraction Thimbles

The extraction thimbles are located in the extractor body. They are used to extract certain components out of the sample of solid material, with the addition of sufficient and suitable solvents.

The extraction thimbles are usually manufactured in three sorts by different materials, the high purity cellulose, pure borosilicate glass fiber, and high-purity quartz microfiber. We used them to achieve an efficient and reliable analysis in the lab.

The main features of the cellulose extraction thimble are high purity and strong mechanical structure and retentiveness. They are widely used for the extraction of polymers, environmental pollutants determination, etc.

The glass micro-fiber extraction thimbles are made from pure borosilicate fibers without any kind of binders used in the manufacturing process. It is the best choice of extraction thimble if the solvents are not acceptable with the cellulose ones.

Made from pure quartz microfiber, the quartz microfiber thimbles are able to stand high temperatures, sometimes up to 900°C. They also meet the purity requirements with their low heavy metal content. They are super suitable when extracting solvent and air sampling applications in the lab.