Soxhlet Extraction Thimbles from Hawach Scientific

Hawach Scientific’s cellulose extraction thimbles are made from high purity alpha cellulose cotton linter and are most commonly used in routine extractions and Soxhlet extraction units for the individual components the separation from a mixture of solids and semi-solids by the solvent extraction, determination of PCB in fish products, determination of PCB in fish products, etc.

The application of a Soxhlet extractor provides a safe and stable method of extraction with toxic or other noxious solvents. Hawach’s cellulose extraction thimbles are recommended for the detection of fats in food, analysis of lacquer and binder in paints, vitamin A and carotene extractions, and extraction of organic compounds from reaction mixtures. The Extraction thimble walls are thick from 1.0 to 3.0, customized sizes and thicknesses available upon request.

Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet

The customer with application determination of fats or pesticides from foods and soil materials and others that involve a solid-liquid extraction, which with high demand for the thimbles and our thimbles with sample evaluation support before the bulk order.