Soxhlet Extractor Extraction Thimble Operation Steps

A Soxhlet extractor is a good tool when you want to extract the desired compound from the solid material, especially when you find that the desired compound has relatively low solubility in a solvent, or the impurity can be insoluble in that solvent completely. And the extraction thimble is a small test-tube shaped item, holding the material which is subjected to solvent extractors.

1. Open the package and check whether the NAI-ZFCDY instrument and accessories are complete and damaged.

2. Move the main unit to the workbench, connect the water inlet pipe behind the instrument to the faucet, and connect the water outlet pipe to the sewer. Pay attention to the interface Note that it is necessary to use a clamp or a cable tie to prevent the water pipe from falling off.

Hawach Additives Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Extraction thimble operating:

1. Fold the extraction thimble canister, and put the folded filter paper canister into the filter paper cartridge holder. The paper cartridge mouth should not be higher or lower than the metal port of the filter paper cartridge holder.

2. Put a layer of absorbent cotton on the bottom of the filter paper tube and press tightly. The compressed thickness is about 2mm.

3. Weighing samples: low-fat samples such as grain and feed can be weighed directly about 2 grams of crushed samples, accurate to 0.0002 grams. Transfer the sample into the filter paper cylinder, cover with a layer of absorbent cotton, and press tightly to the mouth of the filter paper cylinder. Put it in the aluminum cup again, keep the inside and outside of the aluminum cup clean.

4. Transfer the extraction thimble holder and aluminum cup together into the bracket (6 pcs)

5. Pull up the handle, suck the filter paper holder onto the upper-speed joint, and pull down the handle. Load all the samples one by one.

6. Pour 50ml of ethyl acetate or petroleum ether into each aluminum cup.

7. Wipe the heating plate clean without any impurities.

8. Install the bracket into the instrument, depress the lever and lock. Note that the position of the aluminum cup cannot be shifted.

9. Keep the knob in the vertical position.

10. Pull up the handle and dip the extraction thimble holder into the aluminum cup. Start soaking.

11. Set the temperature. Refer to the instruction sheet for soaking time.

12. After soaking, pull down the handle to start the extraction process. Refer to the table in the manual for the extraction time.

13. After extracting, turn the knob to the horizontal position for solvent recovery. The solvent is recovered in a glass bottle above the knob.

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