Steps for Quality Inspection of Extraction Thimble

1. Input inspection of filter cartridges, also known as factory inspection

The purpose of this is to find out whether the raw material quality of the filter cartridge provided by the supplier can meet the product quality requirements and to establish relevant acceptance standards for the subsequent batch acceptance.

2. Process inspection of extraction thimble

This is to check the quality of the filter cartridge or its parts in the production process and the quality-related elements. The purpose of process inspection is to prevent unqualified filter cartridges from entering the next process and avoid the occurrence of batches of unqualified products. Once unqualified products appear in the inspection, the reasons should be identified quickly, and corrective or improvement measures should be taken in time so that unqualified products are not allowed to be transferred to the next process.

3. Filtration Cylinder Completion Inspection of extraction thimble

This refers to the inspection of semi-finished products or filter cartridges after the completion of the whole process in a processing line or assembly workshop. The parts and components after repairing must be re-inspected. Only after the finished product has passed the inspection, can the filter cartridge be assembled and manufactured.