Technical Indicators of Filter Paper

The technical indicators of filter paper can be divided into two aspects, one of which is the filtration characteristic (permeability, air resistance, maximum pore size and average pore size), and the other is the physical characteristic (includes quantitative, thickness, stiffness, corrugation depth, burst resistance, resin content, etc.).
Specific explanations of comparatively essential characteristics have been demonstrated as the chart below.

Wet Strengthened Grade Filter Paper Science Filter Papers

Quantitative Property(g/m2)The quality of filter paper per square meter.
Thickness(mm)The thickness of filter paper (the depth of corrugation is excluded).
Air resistance (mm)The resistance of filter paper to process air flowing.
Permeability (L/m2.s)The amount of air passing through the filter paper per unit time in the certain area condition and pressure (about 20 mm water column).
Maximum aperture (Micron)The size of the void calculated by the pressure of the first bubble on the filter paper during the test.
Resin content (%)Resin as a percentage of filter paperweight (generally is 10%~30%).
Stiffness (mg)Deformation resistance of filter paper.
Breakage resistance (kPa)The maximum pressure a filter paper can withstand per unit area.