Technical Parameters of Extraction Thimble

As a matter of fact, quartz fiber extraction cannot be accessible in China, so Hawach has to design the other two products—cellulose and glass fiber exaction thimbles whose relevant parameters are respectively introduced as follows.

Cellulose Exaction Thimble
It is composed of high-grade alpha-cellulose or seamless noble cellulose and linter of cotton without binding elements. The heating temperature is 75C and 10C for 1 hour’s shaping.

Glass Fiber Exaction Thimble
There are only three sizes of the glass fiber—SLGET32120, SLGET2590, and SLGET2870.
All their maximum temperature is 600C, and DOP retention is larger than 99.99%, weight loss is lower than 0.2. Importantly, its composition is super-fine glass microfiber.

Apparently, those two thimbles possess their own focus to meet different applications.

ApplicationsCellulose Exaction ThimbleGlass Fiber Exaction Thimble
General cable extractionCable extraction:
A situation with a temperature higher than 120C and strong acid where the fiber exaction thimble can not be applied.
Indoor dustfall and poisonous organic compounds.Fixed source deduction:
Smoke and soot, such as cadmium, nickel, tin and some fluorides in atmospheric fixed source pollution.