Technique Parameters of Exaction Thimble from Hawach

Cellulose Exaction Thimble

For the cellulose exaction thimble (CET), parameters are mainly focused on the constitution and heating temperature. CET is usually made out of high-grade cellulose or seamless noble cellulose and lines of cotton, excluding any binding elements, which means only 60% high purified poplar fiber and 40% fine cotton fiber are kept inside. The heating temperature is 75°C, and the formulation is 10°C. Notably, DOP Retention is 99.8% presenting a good retention ability, and the maximum temperature is up to 100°C. It is the consistent high porosity and high fitting accuracy that respectively ensures fast flow through and applies to all available extraction systems.

Glass Fiber Exaction Thimble

Speaking of glass fiber exaction thimble, there are merely three sizes in Hawach– SLGET32120, SLGET2590, and SLGET2870. Even though equipped with different capacities of background response and flow pressure, they possess the same maximum temperature, DOP retention(higher than 99.9%), weight loss( less than 0.2m), and composition (super-fine glass micro-fiber).

Comparison Between Two Types

Cellulose Exaction ThimbleGlass Fiber Exaction Thimble
  • General Soxhlet extraction
  • Indoor dustfall and detection of indoor toxic organic compounds
  • Soxhlet extraction (Temperature >120°C, strong acid.etc.)
  • Stationary source monitoring
Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet